I can draw your house too!

drawing commisoned

1. Please, send me the address of the house(s) you want me to draw, preferably with (a) picture(s).


2. You will then receive a cost indication wich depends on the number of buildings and details involved. Travel costs to the location are € 0,36 per km, or the second class tickets for public transport.


3. After my visit, I will make you a final quote.


4. You agree with the quote by depositing 15% of the total quote on IBAN: NL09INGB0748208194.


5. The work will commence in consultation with you, and as soon as the weather conditions permit.


6.The orginale work varies between € 450 - € 4500



 KVK number: 261,990 - Ob-nr: 869.01.655.B.01.4 - NRC Mobile: +31 -(0) 6-55170567 - Email: hermenjan@hjdrawings.com